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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Celestial Elixir" by Haken

It certainly has been a long time since either one of us has taken to this forum to discuss our love of music. In the time since we last wrote a blog a lot of new and exciting music has come out. I know it's hard to believe with all of the rehashed mainstream music out there that there are still innovative bands creating a fresh new sound. Well last night both of us had the privilege to watch the band Haken perform live at Webster Hall. Haken is an English Progressive Rock band that displays complex rhythms and time changes. They were absolute perfection to watch. Ever complex change was nailed, the vocals were unbelievable and better than the studio albums, the stage presence was perfect. I just cant say enough of how great the live show was.

We were fully expecting the encore to be the 20 minute epic "Crystallized" but instead we were treated to the song "Celestial Elixir" which neither of us had ever heard. This song epitomizes the sound of Haken perfectly. Just listen to the rhythmic changes. This was one of the first songs Haken created for their first album and is a great starting point for the band that has grown into more complex song writing. Please enjoy this beauty of a song.