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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Parlor Mob - "Tide of Tears"

Once upon a time Jack White met up with Andrew Stockdale in Red Bank, NJ and they made sweet sweet love to each other. Then Andrew became pregnant, and gave birth to The Parlor Mob*. On that fateful day, The Parlor Mob burst onto the rock scene with their first album And You Were a Crow. This album consists of guitar hook after guitar hook with catchy vocals to go with it.
"Tide of Tears" may not be the most poppy or contain the most hooks but it doesn't matter because this song stands out amongst its brethren. At 8:34 this is the longest song on the album. It has a slow catchy guitar riff with a slow bass keeping the pace of the song. The song builds ups into two solos. After each solo the song slows back into the melodic groove that consists throughout the entire song. This song just kicks too much ass to go unnoticed.

*Note - The origin story can neither be confirmed or denied due to the inability to  reach Jack White or Andrew Stockdale

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