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Monday, March 3, 2014

"Go" by The Apples in Stereo

Are you currently feeling tired?  Depressed?  Irritable?  Don't worry, you're just suffering from a case of the Mondays.  But don't fret, I have the antidote right here!  Opening with a boppin' horn section, you'll be dancing in your seat in no time.  And when you hear the lyrics in the first verse, "When you go into the place/that you work you have no face/You know you wanna go/the moment that you get there", you'll want to dance right out of your office.  But stay put!  We can get through this together!  A simple, yet exciting chorus follows, leading into that jolly horn section again.  We then come upon a nice little instrumental section filled with keys, more horns (!), and a guitar solo, before returning to happyland with a final trio of verse/chorus/horn section.  "Go" is a perfect slab of (extremely) upbeat pop rock that's perfect for curing the Monday Morning Blues.

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