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Thursday, March 6, 2014

"With Age" by Karate

I can still remember my friend sending me this song in college - indie jazz? I was riveted on first listen and still am to this day. What a great song - it's not even about the two ridiculously soulful, perfectly placed guitar solos (well, it is.) It's also about the way they perfectly blend multiple styles - it's a jazz sound in an indie rock song structure. Farina's guitar tone is just perfect and the rhythm section complements it perfectly. His voice isn't anything special, and in fact he might have the most limited range of any singer ever - but in that little range he can sing, he constructs an overall sound that makes my ears rejoice. This song also features the best lyrics Geoff Farina has ever written. Singing about a chance meeting with an ex-lover at a bar, it has some of my favorite lines: "They tried to cut us off/They even turned out the lights/But they can't turn off the grace/With which she listens to every word/Clear among the din of glass and laughter, unheard./With an attention and respect that I could hardly return/ In such a crowded place."

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