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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Jet Black New Year" by Thursday

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, there are two songs I listen to before the ball drops and after the ball drops. Since today is New Year's Eve, the traditional song for the day is "Jet Black New Year" by Thursday. The other song I listen to on New Year's Day is none other than New Year's Day by U2. This song by Thursday cannot be found on any of their studio albums. Instead it is the only studio song on the live album "Five Stories Falling." This song is just a kick-ass way to celebrate the end of a year. "Jet Black" kicks into full gear from the beginning with heavy use of power chords and a fast paced drum beat. Once the verse comes in, it continues at a torrid pace and doesn't slow down until the breakdown. The breakdown is my favorite part of any Thursday song -  Geoff counts down the last ten seconds of the new year. Once he hits one the song kicks back into high gear until it finishes. Not only has this song been a tradition of mine to listen to at New Year, but it has been on my pre-sports warm up and running mixes for the last eleven years. 

We hear at AtoZappa want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to a rocking 2014 in which we hope to see this great band back on the stage.

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