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Monday, December 16, 2013

"John The Baptist" by The Afghan Whigs

Several years ago, while browsing my local record store in Hoboken, a song came on that caused me to immediately stop what I was doing so I could go to the checkout counter and ask the associate what we were listening to.  He told me it was the final album by the Afghan Whigs, a band I had never heard of before.  I promptly went to the "A" section of the CD rack, found the album 1965 (a used copy for $2.99), purchased it, and instantly fell in love with a '90s band that I previously didn't know existed.  The song that so quickly won me over in the store that day was "John The Baptist".  This song begins rather ominously with a dark guitar line, followed by an almost whispered verse, before exploding into an exciting, saxophone-driven chorus with wonderful female backup vocals.  The song culminates with a sublime saxophone solo before finally winding down to a slow finish.  Though not my all-time favorite Whigs song, it's in my top 5, and it's the song that introduced me to this criminally underrated band.

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