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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Cholula" by Time Lapse Consortium

Dear Mike Einziger,

Please make music like this again. A blend of funk/jazz featuring all current members of Incubus, Neal Evans of Soulive and an orchestra? Why are you writing songs with Avicii?

I always loved your work with Incubus (until your latest travesty.) Your solos were always explosive (Priceless, Sick Sad Little World, Pendulous Threads, Deep Inside all being masterpieces) and your riffs always kicked ass. I viewed you as one of the most underrated guitarists out there and still do.

I know you only put out one live album with this outfit, with  in 2003's "Live at the Roxy," but it's an excellent album. I chose "Cholula" because it features some of your best guitar work. It has a nice little chill groove to it and I love the touches you add to the song. Solos are sprinkled in throughout, but they fit perfectly with the song and groove. Other songs are funkier and dancier, but this one has your best solos - and I do love your solos, Mike.

So, please - do me a favor. Get these guys back together and play me a funk show, Mikey!

Your dear fan,


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