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Friday, February 7, 2014

TTT - "Someone's In The Wolf" by Queens of the Stone Age

Triple Treat Thursday coming at you a day late...

This song encompasses everything Queens of the Stone Age does so well - crunchy guitar riffs, unpredictability, and plenty of psychedelia to make your head swirl.  It truly has it all.  It's an epic track (clocking in at over 7 minutes) that contains multiple parts - some quiet, some boisterous, but all interesting and unique.  This is rock 'n' roll done right.

- Steven

This song may as well be a master's class in riff writing. They come fast and furious in this ridiculously awesome rock epic by the always amazing Queens of the Stone Age. If the end of this song doesn't induce you to wildly flail your head up and down and back and forth (it's called headbanging) then you don't like rock music.

- Chris

I'm stunned at the fact I had never heard this song before today. For some reason, I had never listened to the back catalog of Queens of the Stone Age. On my first and only listen of the song as of writing this, the song sounds exactly like the quintessential QOTSA sound. I will certainly be coming back to listen to this song and the entire album.

- Josh

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