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Saturday, February 15, 2014

This is rock 'n' roll

This.  This right here is rock 'n' roll.  Because you know what?  I'm tired.  I'm tired of this "new age" (VU reference, unintentional pun, I promise...) era of rock and roll.  I'm tired of electronic music.  I'm tired of pop music.  I'm tired of hip hop.  I'm tired of music without meaning.  Give me something with meaning.  Give me something with value.  Give me something worth listening to!

Damn, I mean, there's a plethora of never-ending (literally) music discoveries with the click of a mouse on the Internet, but will any of it ever get popular?  Will radio stations be playing all of it a year from now?  Will future generations be listening to any of it in 30 years?  I am 100% confident that today's studio manufactured pop music that is delivered in a beautiful gold box will be recycled and thus re-engineered for the next 5...10...15....shit, 50 years, until it's lost all meaning (who am I kidding?...we already established it has no meaning as it is)...I want something real.  Which is why I'm jamming out to the Velvet Underground.

But really though, I want something real for everyone.  I believe in sharing (my parents raised me right), and I want something real for everyone.  Not just me - because I want to share it with everyone.  I want the next "big thing" to knock everyone on their ass.  And I mean everyone.  When you think of bands that have united the entire nation, who can you think of?  I'm talking the entire U S of A.  U2?  Pffft, not even close.  Nirvana?  Come on.  Michael Jackson?  Definitely not everyone.  Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Yes?  Fantastic artists, but no.  We have to go back to the Beatles.  Which was 50 (!!) years ago!  It has been 50 (!!) years since a single band has united the entire country.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the pleasure of living through the 60's (even though my parents repeatedly tell me I was born 30 years too late), but I feel like I did.  Because I appreciate art.  I appreciate music.  I appreciate what's real.  I appreciate real art.  And if I have to look back 50 years to find the last rock band that truly inspired and brought together a nation, then something is wrong with the state of music today.  Or is something wrong with the state of the nation today?  Because, let me tell you, I am finding plenty of talented, worthwhile musicians around today.  You just have to look harder.  Work harder.  Spend more time trying to discover what you love.  If you truly love something, then isn't a little extra work in order to attain it worth it?  Anything this good is always worth the extra push.

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