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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"More" by The Shivers

I'd say the most definable characteristic in all of the music I love is passion. Sure, most of the stuff I like is melodic, most of it is at least a little bit stranger than most of what's out there, but if you've got some passion and some soul, I will usually like it. Enter The Shivers. I discovered "More" on Spotify and I immediately connected with Keith Zarriello's soulful, raspy voice. They also happen to write some great tunes. The title track is my favorite on the album. Melancholic, wistful, poignant lyrics, Zarriello's voice and a pretty piano part carry the song.

The song really pops live, though. You can really hear the intensity and feeling in every note the duo plays (as far as I know, they are a full band in studio, but for this performance at WFUV, it is just Zarriello and Joanna Erdos on keys.) Obviously, the singer has experienced some kind of loss and he feels it and makes the listener feel it. I'm posting the live version. It's the best way to experience the song because of the extended intro and piano solo, but mostly because of the sheer power of the performance. 

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