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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Second Heart" by Superhuman Happiness

You won't see "Hands" by Superhuman Happiness on many "Best of 2013" lists, yet it was easily one of my favorite discs of 2013. It's difficult to choose one song on this cohesive album, because each song flows so well into one another. Melodies and themes repeat themselves throughout the album; they really do a great job of creating an ALBUM, which is rare these days. "Second Heart" encompasses everything they do well - a combination of indie, funk and beats that make you wanna move. Starting off with a repeating sax part, and propulsive beat, it starts off as a solid little indie dance rocker. Then the hook comes in, and you might very well be humming it for days. Very catchy stuff. As usual, I love the layered sounds and there are many, especially in the bridge. Things get a bit darker and weirder here before crashing back into the hook and an amazing sax solo where we get a small taste of their jazz influences.

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