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Thursday, January 30, 2014

TTT - "Tamacun" by Rodrigo y Gabriela

WOW. That was the reaction I had the first time I heard this song. I was searching around for some new music when these guys were recommended to me by our very own Steven Podhorzer. I have always loved flamenco guitar when I heard it (the "Holy Wars" solo by Megadeth, for example), but never sought to listen to the genre itself. Well, Rodrigo y Gabriela completely blew my mind. For only two people, the sounds that come out of this song are incredible. The riffs are extremely tight and free flowing and the percussion is on point and impressive considering there are no drums at all.

- Josh

Yeah, these guys are the shit. INCREDIBLE live. It seems impossible that there are only 20 fingers between them. They have such a full sound, such a fun sound. It's acoustic music you can dance to. Rodrigo is an incredible player, but it's really Gabriela's brilliant percussive playing that makes the band jump out as something different and worth listening to. This is definitely one of their best tunes. It just makes me happy, almost as if I'm floating while dancing.

- Chris

Rodrigo y Gabriela must be seen to be believed.  When listening to their studio recordings, you'd swear they're a 4-piece band, or larger.  It's difficult to comprehend that it's just the two of them producing such a full sound.  The lead guitar work from Rodrigo is astounding (I've always been a sucker for acoustic guitar solos) and Gabriela's dual rhythm guitar and percussion playing (created by tapping on the body of her guitar) is truly mind-blowing.  "Tamacun" is their most well known song, and for good reason.  It's sexy, it's super melodic, and it perfectly captures everything the duo does so well in just three and a half minutes.

- Steven

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