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Thursday, January 9, 2014

TTT - "The Drapery Falls" by Opeth

I'm somewhat of a metalhead, but with a few notable exceptions I'm not crazy about death metal.  I prefer some melody in my metal vocals rather than growling.  That's where Opeth comes in.  The way they juxtapose heavy and soft, metal and acoustic folk, beautiful clean vocals and demonic death growls is like nothing I've heard any other band master.  "The Drapery Falls" is the song that got me into Opeth back when Blackwater Park was released in 2001 and it captures all of their styles flawlessly.  It's got the soft acoustic passages, the superb clean vocal melodies, the blood-curdling death growls, and top-notch musicianship.  Opeth is not for everyone, but I think everyone can find something they enjoy in an Opeth song.

- Steven

When it comes to death metal there are few bands that can hold the torch to Opeth. Their music is intricately written with many twists and turns. This was the first song I ever heard by Opeth and feel it is a good starter song and album for that matter for anyone new to the band or the genre. This showcases a lot of Opeth's talents and I know newcomers will not be disappointed.

- Josh

This song is definitely a good crash course for Opeth's overall sound. It has everything...the badass riffs, the growls, the beautiful acoustic sections featuring Mikael Akerfeldt's otherworldly vocals. I'm definitely not a metal head, but Opeth is one band I do love because of their consistent melodicism, inventive riffs and Akerfeldt's amazing guitar tone and solos.

- Chris

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