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Thursday, January 16, 2014

TTT - "Light Years" by Pearl Jam

I can't believe it's been a month of blogging and there has not been one single Pearl Jam (PJ) post. For anyone who actually knows us, knows that PJ falls somewhere in each of our top 3 favorite bands of all time. I have to admit picking a PJ song could be a daunting task given their vast catalogue of songs, however we all quickly agreed to pick "Light Years" due to the beauty of the song.

"Light Years" comes from PJ`s least known album, Binaural. Even though it was the single from the album, it has become a relatively forgotten song when compared to their biggest hits. "Light Years" is written about a friend of the band who had passed away. The friend had helped PJ grow as a band and had helped shape their careers. The line "We were but stones/Your light made us stars" really shows the love the band felt for their friend.

- Josh

Everyone knows "Alive" and "Jeremy", but I feel as if people don't really appreciate Pearl Jam's ballads other than "Black". Pearl Jam does slow just as well as fast, and this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, in my humble opinion. Not only is this a great song with spectacular melodies, it features some of Vedder's finest lyrics. The first verse is true perfection, reflecting on how he just can't understand death, despite all of the other things he's figured out during his life. It's a truly heartbreaking song and one I wish more people knew.

- Chris

PJ used to be one of those bands that I always liked but never loved.  I owned copies of Ten and Vitalogy and would listen to them every once in a while, but during the mid- to late-90s I forgot about them.  The band seemed content to fly under the radar and I didn't take notice to any of the great music they were producing during that period.  Sure, they came out of obscurity in 1999 when they scored big with the '60s cover "Last Kiss", but it wasn't until 2000 with the release of their single, "Light Years", that I began to pay attention once again.  I instantly fell in love with this beautiful, deeply emotional tune.  Vedder doesn't break any new ground with the lyrical theme of love and loss, but as always, he approaches the subject in such a delicate and engaging manner that causes the listener to reflect on their own life.  "Light Years" single-handedly reignited my interest in PJ and it would be 3 years later when I saw them live for my 1st time that they'd become one of my favorite bands of all time.

- Steven

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